What started as wanting to share a few recipes with my local newspaper…turned into a whole article about my infatuation for cooking. I am very honored! It also gives me joy to know my recipes are being shared with other people (even those I have never met).

Read the article here:



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  1. Loved your article, can’t wait to try the raspberry coconut cupcake recipe. Looks so good! I did want to mention that your recipe submitted “Vegetarian curry-lime noodle salad” is not indeed vegetarian. Surely you have learned within your culinary studies that neither fish sauce nor chicken broth fall under the category of “vegetarian.” However, as I’m sure you are aware, there are great substitutions available that could have been offered to make the recipe veg-flexible: vegetarian fish sauce and vegetable broth. I wish you much luck in your studies and career. I know you will succeed…your passion is so great! 🙂

  2. Hi
    I saw your article in the paper and am excited to try the curry noodle salad. Could you tell me where in Lincoln you can buy lemongrass and kafir lime leaves? Also what would be a good substitiute? I am going to try lemon juice/zest and lime zest. What are your thoughts?
    Thanks and congrats on your win!

    • Hi Katie!
      I usually buy all my ingredients for the curry noodle salad at the Oriental Market near 27th and Vine. They almost always have fresh lemongrass there. To me, because I love lemongrass, I don’t think lemongrass has a substitute…it’s taste is described as “lemony
      but it is different from a regular citrus lemon. However, I think if you used lemon zest instead of juice to replace the lemongrass that would work just fine too. Sadly, they don’t always have kaffir lime leaves…but still ask the store clerk (they are all very nice and willing to help you). But it is ok if you can’t find any kaffir lime leaves because the taste is similar to lime. The recipe already calls for lime so most of the time I leave the kaffir lime leaves out if I can’t find them in the store..so you probably won’t need the lime zest. The recipe also calls for red curry paste (I like the Dragonfly brand), coconut milk, and fish sauce (Three Crab Brand is the best) which can be found at the Oriental Market as well.

      Good luck! Please let me know how it goes!

  3. Loved, loved, loved this recipe even without the lemongrass. My 5 year old cleaned his plate and he is one tough customer! I will use the lemon grass next time I make this now that I know where to get it (thank you :)). I had a bunch left over and found myself eating it for several days. It is just as good cold! Thank you so much for sharing, I will definately make it again.

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